Friday, March 15, 2013

Foster Care Prayer Vigil


April 24th at 6:30.

We will be honoring those that work with the "least of these" and praying for the kids in foster care.


The purpose of the film is to help the average person understand the issues and create a movement that will ultimately put pressure on U.S. officials to force a more supportive attitude toward International Adoption.
The film will premiere in sequence as we roll across the country on the tour bus, visiting 60 cities in 80 days. While the highlight of each city visit will be the premiere of the film, our goal is to make the visit to each city much more than a film premiere, but an all day event, with media appearances, speeches and discussions in multiple gatherings. The framework for the tour gives us the possibility to make STUCK a phenomenon. Photojournalist Jessica Rose is following the tour and documenting her impressions. Follow the STUCK Tour on Jessica’s blogfor an interesting perspective!
One objective while we are on the road is to gather over 1 million petition signatures asking congress/global leaders/President Obama to take specific actions to change the landscape of adoption. The petition will be hand carried to members of Congress in the Step Forward for Orphans March in Washington, D.C., which will coincide, with the last day of the bus tour, tentatively scheduled for May 17.
Your active involvement as a member of the tour team will support the most impactful and activity the adoption community has ever engaged in. Your efforts to support the tour will have a leveraged influence, driving an increase in adoption and changing the lives of countless kids for many years to come.
The documentary will be in our area on March 16th at AMC Stonebriar.  Click here to purchase tickets!