Thursday, November 10, 2011

Orphan Sunday Update

Orphan Sunday was a BIG success!  What a powerful sermon by Pastor Richard!  And what a blessing to get to experience a moving video of our church members who have answered the call in so many different ways! In the evening, we gathered together again and were able to experience some powerful testimonies, gain information, and share our heart for the orphan.

Here are a few ways we saw the Lord move on this amazing day:

  • Several sponsorships for orphans in Zambia, Bolivia, and Sierra Leone!
  • People answered the call to donate to the adoption fund!
  • People are stepping forward in faith to start the process of adoption!
  • Several people have signed up to donate their time and resources to wrap around other families who are adopting or fostering!
  • And the calls are still coming in!  If you have any questions about adoption, foster care, or orphan care (in general)...please call the church office or shoot us an email:
Thank you to everyone who responded to the prompting of their hearts!!!  And thank you to everyone who gave their time to make both experiences happen!  A special thanks goes to Mark and Melissa Baker - who have devoted themselves fully to The Journey and it's cause!!!

In case you missed them, you can click HERE for the video played in the morning of our church family.
And this is the video we showed Sunday night.

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